Friday, November 29, 2019

Preschool: Show and Tell and Adding a Makerspace

This week we started with a mystery bag full of items that started with the letters D and E. Then, throughout the week, the students brought in toys that started with those letters. They brought in things like a dinosaur, a dragon, a dump truck, and an elephant.

Finally, we added a makerspace to our classroom! We focused on using man-made materials, and looked at sculptures made from recycled materials. Throughout the week we kept adding to the sculptures, and using new materials. We used paint, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, washi tape, and more. Everyone was so creative!

Even though it has been chilly, we wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather. We went outside and gathered natural materials to use for future art works.

Speaking of art, we found a new way to express ourselves creatively! We practiced creating a still-life with toys from around the room, and then drew what we saw using pastels. After we had some practice, 6th grade joined us. We showed them around the room, and helped them create the still-life. Working with older students is so much fun! Have a great weekend!

Week 13 Term 1 Learner Profile

During our Morning Assembly, we talked about a rich man (a long time ago) who had a monopoly on stores in New York. Just about everybody bought goods from his stores. 

Since the people supported him by purchasing things from his store, he wanted to do something good for them.

So, the rich man went to the top of the highest building  at that time (called the Empire State Building)  and started throwing thousands of dollars out of a window. At first, the people saw only a dollar or two trickle down. Then, cabs stopped, people got out of their cars, and others went crazy trying to grab the money. After a while, chaos reigned, traffic jams formed, riots were going underway, accidents happened, people were late for their work and shouts and screams were heard. The city was a confusing mess but no dollars were left on the sidewalks or the streets. 

In order to have a more organized event, the rich man decided to have ticker tape and confetti parades instead. Eventually, balloons, marching bands, and clowns were added all for the pleasure of people hunched on front-row-seats on the curb. 

We encouraged the children to use their knowledge of their community to help others in their inquiries. 

ICT - Preschool: Letter tracing

As all we know, tracing letters is an easy way for children to learn to write each letter and it is an important precursor to freehand writing. Also, legible handwriting depends on being able to properly write each letter.

SIS preschool students trace the letters with their fingers. They do this action slowly and try to stay on the dotted lines. If children's finger goes off of the line, they start over. Depending on their interest, kids have gone in alphabetical order or taped the letters from the bottom which they wanted to practice! This app helps them practice their letter recognition, handwriting skills and fine motor skills.