Saturday, March 24, 2018

Japanese Class (Grade4)

This week, Grade4 learned about the earthquake and thought about disaster prevention.

 The students talked about the big earthquake occurred in Japan in the past.They also learned about the mechanism of the earthquake and necessity of evacuation drills.

 The students discussed what they could prepare for disasters and they gave a presentation in front of the class.


Friday, March 23, 2018

Grade 1 Week 1 Term 3 Sharing the Planet

First Grade has a lot of inquirers and we have been working on a music score for playing bells.

We worked collaboratively.

We decided to get our own colored pencils during this germ season.

These boys are reading music!

Grade 1 is writing notes with who, what, when, where and why in Guided Reading!

We are currently on vacation for 1 week!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

How the World Works

In grade 2 we finished our theme unit How the World Works with our final task.  The students had to design and build shelters that people would live in throughout the world.  The habitats that the students chose were desert, arctic, grassland, forest, mountain range, and rain forest. The students presented their projects to their parents at our Celebration of Learning day last week and then presented to their classmates this week their final project. The students did a great job working together as a group on the task as well as time management, organization, and presentation! 

Grade 3 Term 2 Week 26 Sharing The Planet

This week we started our new inquiry and focused on revision of our math units.

We also said goodbye to some of friends in Grade 3. We will miss them a lot!


 Basic addition helps kindergartners gain confidence and demonstrates to them the real-life usefulness of maths. This can create a lifelong interest in math that helps students excel when they reach more challenging maths classes.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Grade 4 - Term 2 Week 8 - How The World Works - Parent's Day

Thank you to all the parents who came and participated in viewing and assessing the student's presentations on energy.  It was a great successful experience for them! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grade 1 Week 10 Term 2 How the World Works

Grade 1 has been working on panels for their planetarium. We made a hexagonal design. 

We rolled newspaper to make triangles. Then we traced the triangles on cardboard. 

The children collaboratively cut out the triangles.

During our Open House, Grade 1 students learned about the Commutative Property of Addition. It states that A plus B equals B plus A. We tried to figure out a combination with 4 numbers to open a lock. No numbers could be the same and the numbers had to equal to 10. 

The children learned about fractions using a cookie jar.

We, then, compared fractions using the lesser or greater than sign. 

Here is one of our cookie jars.

We have been open-minded and expanding our vocabulary. We learned the word "during."