Thursday, January 31, 2019

Grade 1 - Visualizing Music and Japanese Culture Day

When we brainstormed the various ways to express feelings, one of them was through art, such as dances, singing a song, or drawing. We listened to different classical music to think about how different feelings or moods are represented through the different instruments and sounds (high vs. low, loud vs. soft, etc.) We used different colors, patterns, and drawings to make a visual representation of these songs. Some songs made us feel cheerful and happy, while others made us feel startled, sad, or scared. Other songs were relaxing and calming. It made us wonder what the composer was thinking or trying to communicate through their songs. It was interesting to see the various interpretations from each student! 

We also had an amazing time for Japanese Culture Day today! The whole school watched a performance called Shinbuyo by professional dance teachers, and then we learned how to dance the Shingawa Ondo. We also designed and created our own kaleidoscopes! 

Preschool - Legoland and Japanese Culture Day

It was a very busy week!
We went to Legoland on Wednesday 
and today was Japanese Culture Day!

They really enjoyed exploring and playing at Legoland with their friends! Being risk-takers to try out new things! All of our Preschool Students were great at listening to instructions :)

For Japanese Culture Day, we saw the traditional Japanese dance performance and we even tried to learn it ourselves! We also made our own Kaleidoscope which all our students absolutely loved!