Sunday, November 27, 2016

Grade 1 Week 12 : Where We Are In Place And Time

This week the children practiced for their performance everyday. They are all doing great, but I would like to ask that you take some time at home to practice with them. 

This week we learned about how to interview someone. After watching several videos of interviews, the children wrote their own interview questions and interviewed each other. Next week, they will interview a family member. 

The children worked very hard this week to finish their pinatas.

Friday, November 25, 2016

11/25/2016 Where We Are in Place and Time Term 1

Today we had Pika Pika with our Japanese Sister School (Jinsho).    

We listened to a public official tell us about the appreciation that they have for us helping!
We had giant throngs to assists us in those long reaches and keep our hands sanitary. 
Our Grade 3 class split up into different inter-class groups and we wore gloves to protect our hands too. 
The children went to various spots around Omotesando to look for trash and to clean up leaves. 

    We found many pieces of gum and cigarette butts. 

 The students swept the sidewalks clean of debris. 
We saw some of community places that were decorated in holiday cheer. 
Our bags were full and we did a great job!
We have been working on more Tall Tales or exaggerated stories. Sumire and Talal put their stories up for your viewing. 

This is Mario's grape story! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Grade 4/5/6 - Week 12 - Lego Robotics Team

The Lego Robotics Team continues to work hard in preparation for the tournament on December 17th.  Students have been switching off between working on the robot mission and the project.  They decided that our team name will be "Happy Hoppy Hares" because their project is about companies that test cosmetic products on rabbits and finding solutions for how to do this without hurting them.  For the robot mission, they have many tasks completed and are working on fine tuning them to be able to do them all within the time limit.  Everyone is getting better at team work and group problem solving through observation and discussion as well!

Grade 2 term 1 Where we are in place and time

It has been another great week at JIES. The children have been busy on a number of projects and they are all moving forward really well.

The big world map that we have been making to track migrations is now finished. It`s a fantastic piece of work and I`m really happy with the effort that the children put in. Doing it was good for their sense of teamwork and collaboration and they have picked up a lot of geographical knowledge along the way.

We have also been moving ahead with our information book to go with the map. We have got together information on around 50 countries. I`m looking forward to publishing it so that you can see the great work that the children have been doing.

The dictionary is also progressing, but the children decided that we need example sentences for all of the words, so that has delayed publication. All of the words in the dictionary come from our inquiry, guided reading, maths, in fact anywhere where the children encounter a new word.

We were also lucky enough to have a volunteer who kindly came in to tell us about her experience migrating. Next week we will have some more visitors who will be able to speak to the children to relate their experiences. These events really help the children to understand the theme that we are working on at the moment.

Thanks to the kids for their hard work this week and I`m looking forward to working together next week. 

G 5/6: Week 12 - Where We Are

This week was a short week due to the National Holiday. Students have continued working on their Inquiry task of creating a time capsule. Students have started thinking about how they can present the information.

In Language, they are editing their diary entries after proofreading their work and getting feedback from a friend.

In Maths this week, we are looking how we use percentages for tax and students have started making connections to where they have seen tax before in their daily lives, for instance, sales tax.

In Art, we are studying colour as we will be painting our clay monsters. We are using different mediums to create different colours in an array of tints and shades.

Today we had PikaPika, PPK, where we collected litter from the streets in the local community. It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Transdisciplinary Skills

We split up into four groups, to create our world villages. During this activity, we covered the 5 transdisciplinary skills. These are, social skills, communication skills, thinking skills, research skills and self management skills. 

Each group and a group leader, who would delegate certain tasks. Some of us cut out pictures while other glued picture or made road signs.