Friday, April 26, 2019

Japanese Class - Grade 4 visited 城南小学校








Golden Week Holiday G 5 and 6

Everybody needs a little help sometimes! Grade 5 and 6 helped the DIY Afternoon School Program to finish their watermelon fans. 

These were some of our game signs for International Children's Day! Here you need to estimate the number of spots on the cheetah.

We had a cloud pinata! 

Two blades of grass removed made the rabbit fall or stay! It was kind of like Jenga! 

In this game, you needed to name the animal in the clouds. 

Put the ball in the pouch!

The "yes" or "no" game proved to be quite popular. 

Anybody for cards!

                                                       International Children's Day


Scuba diving? 

A special thanks to our parents and our PTA for their helping hands and yummy goodies! 



Traveling to different destinations!

I got shrunk!  

Rainy day places! 

Pre-k Week 4: On the Farm

We had such an exciting week beginning to understand how people care for living things such as farmers.

This week in Mathematics we focused on counting strategies and understanding addition is counting on from a certain number we don't always have to start from one!

We decided our animals needed homes and understood people who care for animals will give them the perfect habitat. We discussed with partners about the perfect environment and drew a background that suited each pet. We looked at water environments, ice environments, desert environments and

We began to understand even though we dont know the words we can look at pictures to understand whats happening in a picture book. 

We built on our fine motor skills, using multiple materials to spell our names.