Friday, January 31, 2020

Grade 4: Term 2 Week 4

Monday: We learned about an art style called Agamographs. This art changes when you view it in different directions. We then chose to make our own based on our Beliefs and Values. In our language lesson we learned about a poet called Michael Rosen and made our own 'Don't do that' poems.

Tuesday: We learned a poem about the forest. It’s a poem with lots of personification in it. The poet used lots of interesting language to describe her favorite forest in Guyana. In math class we investigated about the different types of angles and triangles, for example equilateral triangles and acute angles.

Wednesday: We learned how to make a Calligram. It's a poem about anything you want but you have to write the words and sentences so that they make an image of the object you are writing about. We also made different sculptures in our inquiry sessions using both wire and clay. We also looked at famous sculptures from around the world made of different materials to inspire our own ideas.

Thursday: We completed our clay sculptures by painting them - it was hard because we needed to paint all sides without getting paint everywhere as they were 3D. We have also been completing the rest of our art work so that it is ready to display in our celebration of learning next week. In our math session we investigated polygons based on their properties.

Friday: In math we looked at how many lines of symmetry different polygons have and also how shapes can change when reflected across a line of symmetry. We have also started to create our own visual artwork that expresses our own ideas, values and beliefs. We will carry on with this next week and hopefully have them ready for our show!

This Blog was written by students in Grade 4.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Preschool- Light and Sound

Two of our students brought gifts for everyone on Monday! What a great way to start the week. These girls are so caring to surprise us with great gifts! Everyone loved their stickers, notebooks, pencils, and play dough. 

Speaking of exciting things, we dyed rice this week. We were very careful as we stirred the food dye into the rice, and we loved watching the rice turn into bright new hues! The fun continued after the rice dried, and we received a new light box for our classroom. We did our first experiment on our new light box by mixing our colored rice to create new colors.

During developmental play, we learn that when we work together, we can have more fun and create exciting new structures.

They love using boom whackers in music! Creating higher and lower pitches is a fun challenge. 

Finally, we wrapped up the week with more collaboration. We matched upper and lower case letters by hiding snowball letters in the colored rice, and finding the match on the table. We worked in teams while thinking of different words for each letter. When we come together, we have so many new ideas.

As usual, we ended the week by reading with 2nd grade, but this time, we read in our classroom. We showed 2nd grade our new pets and our favorite books. 2nd grade also brought their favorite books from their classroom to share.

Have a great weekend, everyone!