Monday, April 13, 2020

Week 3 Term 3 Library

In online Library class, Grade 3 looked at the book entitled ''Dragon Loves Tacos'' by Adam Rubin. 

Week 3 Term 3 PE

The SIS Physical Education Department has been starting an international dance unit while we are having school online. Our Chinese dance was illustrated by a Grade 1 student.

Week 3 Term 3 Knowledge

Grade 2 had a fun time listening to and illustrating the story “Sebastian's Roller Skates” by Caitlin Wachs. These are the blue shining and simmering abandoned skates that Sebastian found on a park bench. 

Sebastian was a risk-taker and tried them on. At first, he fell and eventually he stood up. Shy Sebastian built up his self-confidence each day as he practiced more.

One day, a lady's dog got away from her and Sebastian grabbed the leash. 

They went for quite a spin and this event helped Sebastian become an excellent skater.

 Sebastian bought a new pair of skates and he put the old skates back where he had found them. He got the courage to ask a girl to go skating with him. A little knowledge goes a long way!

Week 2 Term 3 Knowledgeable

Pre-Kindergarten read the story ''Ten Grouchy Groundhogs." It is about groundhogs being cooped up in their hole and they wanted to get out. They develop a bad mood and become angry.

One goes out because he says  the den is too small.

Another groundhog goes out because she wants to take a bath.
Another goes because dancing makes her dizzy.

The 4th goes out because the den is too noisy.

The next groundhog goes out because it is tired of tumbling.

After that, a groundhog stated that she wanted out because of being a rock star. 

This groundhog has a toothache and wants out to see the dentist!

This one wants out because powder makes her sneeze. 

This groundhog wants out because it is spring.

The lonely groundhog wonders where his friends are and goes out too!

All the groundhogs see their shadows and are afraid. Then, they go back home. This story reminds us of our present day situation. We should be content with what we have at home. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Week 1 Term 3 Knowledgeable

In our online educational program on Seesaw, Grade 2 listened to the book entitled "The Last Stop on Market Street." The book is about a boy taking a bus ride and seeing beauty in just ordinary things. Here is a scene from the story done by one of our students.

Week 12 Term 2 Knowledge

Our Learner Profile is knowledgeable. That means that the children know about many things and remember what they have learnt. Art is an interesting subject to think about in terms of knowledge and development. This castle is from one of our 1st Grade students. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Week 2 Term 3 Library

In our online Library class, some of the children have been learning to put these fictional titles in the correct order. 

Week 2 Term 3 PE

The children have been stretching and exercising in PE via Zoom and Seesaw. This is a lovely picture in response to our PE activity by a Grade 2 student. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Week 11 Term 2 Knowledge

Our Learner Profile is knowledge. The children shared their research about the COVID-19 Pandemic that is going on and they analyzed the above picture. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Week 1 Term 3

A book spine  is the side of a book. The spine usually has the title of the book and the author's name. A student needs to be careful with the spine or the book pages will start falling out. A popular English activity these days is to make book spine poetry. We made a proper sentence out of these titles. For example, "The happy kid is skateboarding to the ends of the universe."
We made the first letter of our given names in PreK on Seesaw in order to teach the children about the ABC's and letter recognition.

Week 12 Term 2 Library

The librarian introduced the book "Darth Paper Strikes Back." We decided to do some origami. Here is part of the result.

Week 11 Term 2 Library

On Seesaw some of the children have been reading a story and then thinking of a title for it. Some of the titles were- "What Dogs Feel," "Dogs' Emotions," "How Do Dogs Talk," "Information About Dogs," and "Friendly Dog." This activity gave us an avenue to talk about editing. 

Week 1 Term 3 PE

We have been dancing recently in our Seesaw online learning program. Here is a picture from one of the responses from the children. Do the bump!

Friday, April 3, 2020

PE Week 12 PE

We made a star for one of our PE activities in Kindergarten to enhance our manual dexterity (hand muscles).

Week 11 Term 2 PE

Here are some home activities that we have been doing in PE from the eyes of a youngster.