Monday, April 13, 2020

Week 2 Term 3 Knowledgeable

Pre-Kindergarten read the story ''Ten Grouchy Groundhogs." It is about groundhogs being cooped up in their hole and they wanted to get out. They develop a bad mood and become angry.

One goes out because he says  the den is too small.

Another groundhog goes out because she wants to take a bath.
Another goes because dancing makes her dizzy.

The 4th goes out because the den is too noisy.

The next groundhog goes out because it is tired of tumbling.

After that, a groundhog stated that she wanted out because of being a rock star. 

This groundhog has a toothache and wants out to see the dentist!

This one wants out because powder makes her sneeze. 

This groundhog wants out because it is spring.

The lonely groundhog wonders where his friends are and goes out too!

All the groundhogs see their shadows and are afraid. Then, they go back home. This story reminds us of our present day situation. We should be content with what we have at home. 

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