Friday, August 30, 2019

Grade 2 First Week of School

All students are excited to be back in school! They enjoyed reuniting with classmates and getting to know new ones. As second graders, we are learning to become even more independent and open-minded. Let's have a fantastic year!

Grade 6 New Year

Welcome to Grade 6

We have had an eventful beginning to the new academic year in Grade 6. Students have been busy reviewing the Learner Profile and designing the classroom. Students have selected a scary theme for the class displays and have created different characters that show the different Learner Profile Attributes. We have also decided upon our class central agreements for the year.

We shall be carrying out independent inquiries throughout the year based on the students interests. This week we have been ‘Tuning In’ and making lists of possible inquiry topics from knowledge, languages, developing life skills to improving techniques in the arts and sport.

First Week of Preschool 2019

Hello, parents!

Everyone did a great job their first week of preschool! We played games, learned routines, and got to know our friends and teachers.

This week we read Mouse’s First Day of School, and we practiced using crayons, colored pencils, play dough, and even scissors to start improving our fine motor skills.

We learned about straight lines, zigzag lines, and curved lines. It seemed like many students loved zigzag lines. First we practiced tracing the lines, and then, we drew lines together on the smart board. We even practiced walking in straight and zigzag lines. The students looked so cute walking in a zigzag line together.

Everyone loved learning about shapes. We played matching games, and manipulated play dough to create the shapes we had learned. Later, we even tried tracing the shapes using markers. The students enjoyed using the markers, and they even learned how to share the erasers with their classmates.

On Thursday and Friday, we had music class, and everyone enjoyed using new instruments and dancing to the song.

Overall, we had a great week, and we’re excited for a great year!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

PRE-K First Week at School

Welcome to PRE-K

I have to say that everyone has done extremely well on their first week at school!
They have already built their sense of belonging in the classroom,
and bonded so well with their new friends and teachers.

With all the new resources and toys in the classroom 
everyone were exploring, experimenting and they were all very curious.

Learning to work together (team work)

What can we make with the shapes?

Kinetic Sand (feeling the texture)

We played lots of games together

Math Activities

Starting our Unit of Inquiry on 'How We Organize Ourselves'
We talked about our Classroom Expectations -
what behaviors are GOOD and BAD

We also discussed about what we do with our
Eyes... Looking
Ears... Listening

'I Can See...' game in Groups working together as a team

Coloring the different shapes with different colors to create a colorful butterfly

Reading books to each other
Enjoying having the little library corner in the classroom

Cut and Paste Activity
Sorting different pictures in Shapes

We also did cut and paste activity
'I like... and I don't like'
they also practiced saying verbally to their friends
"I like chocolate, I like running, I don't like rain" and
started the conversation, why...?

PRE-K students enjoyed listening to the storybooks in our New Library

Our little doctors looking after patients and animals

Pre-K also enjoyed Music Class -
experimenting with different sound of the instruments and
doing the Guess What Instrument Game