Friday, November 30, 2018

Simple Machines Where We Are in Place and Time G 5 and 6

Jin and Sean made a bulletin board about the books "Meet Molly" and "Molly Learns a Lesson." They included captivating captions and pictures. Click on the picture to see an up close view. 

The other students didn't quite finish yet.

We tried some peer assessment in Mathematics.

ICT class and the PYP  merged and collaborated in making a timeline on our computers.

Grade 5 and 6 learned Archimedes's Law and Formula of Levers (and balances). 

The formula states that the mass multiplied times the distance equals the mass times the distance on the other side.

We observed this mystery machine picture and guessed it's function. We investigated the simple machines that comprised it. By the way, this is a bed maker. Wouldn't you love to have it at your house. 

G 5 and 6 has been studying simple and compound machines in relation to Science and Mathematics. We made hexagons with triangles inside.

We made a carousel with popsicle sticks. 

This was our base and stand.

This tepee shape base proved to be too small and so we had to go back to the drawing board.

We will later try to get this machine to turn using a motor. 


Diego made this Storm Glass. It shows the weather. When the crystals are on the bottom that means that the weather is getting warmer. 

To reduce cost and to be frugal, we decided to turn this $5.00 Santa dress into an Annie costume for our Celebration of Learning. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Grade 2- Tokyo Metro Museum

On Tuesday, we went to the Tokyo Metro Museum with grade 3. In our unit of inquiry, we have been talking about migration and the different modes of migration. At the museum, we learned about the history of the subway systems in Japan and when and where the first subway system was created in the world. There were many interactive displays there with the most popular one being the driving similator. The students also enjoyed doing the stamp relay. We had a great time!

Grade 1 - Our Patchwork Quilt

We read a book called "The Patchwork Quilt" together in class. This story is about a girl named Tanya who helps her grandmother to make a quilt, by piecing together important "memories" and "celebrations" they have. We all loved how the book taught us about how "each family has a unique history across cultures" and how "important events differ from family to family."

Image result for the patchwork quilt

After reading this book, we all wanted to make our very own "quilt" to piece together the important information we've gathered about our family throughout this Unit of Inquiry. We've been working hard on our paper "quilt squares" this week. 

One of our students took action and created her own mini quilt with her mother at home! She brought it in to share it with the class, and explained how she used t-shirts from when she was younger to piece together her quilt. Great job taking action! 

Some of us have finished all of our squares and created our "quilt." We can't wait to present it to the class next week! 

Preschool - Making Our Own Plant Paint

This week in our Preschool room, we became the inquirer's and experimented something new! We went outside and saw our plants (coriander and basil) that has grown so much. So we thought carefully on what we can do with it.

We decided to bring some plants to our classroom, mash it up with a rock (like the caveman) and squeeze it to make the green juiceOur students loved exploring the natural resources in this Unit of Inquiry - smelling the coriander and the basil, touching and feeling the texture, and observing the process of how the plant can change into liquid.

They were all very surprised to see how we can paint with something that we made using the plants we grew in our garden! It is awesome to see our students becoming more open-minded. By giving them the opportunity to think outside the box, makes them understand that we can create art with endless resources, not just with paint and paint brush.