Thursday, November 8, 2018

Grade 1 - Parents' Morning

Earlier this week, we focused on our first Line of Inquiry: Form - Families have structures and roles. Based on our homework about family members, we discussed how extensive our family is, compared to the family members we live with. We also wondered about our roles (jobs and responsibilities) within our family. 

While discussing our family members' roles, we came back to the idea that our family members take care of us. Many of us thought back to our previous Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are: Healthy Me, and thought about how our parents make sure to keep us healthy. Each of us worked on our artwork representing our family members and their roles. 

We also came up with questions for our parent interviews during the Parents' Morning. We wanted to know more about how daily lives change over time, and how important events (celebrations/traditions) differ from family to family. 

Today, with the help of our parents, we were able to ask our questions for our interview! We learned that there are many similarities and differences between the lives of our parents. We are looking forward to "sorting out" our knowledge next week!

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