Thursday, November 1, 2018

Where We Are in Place and Time Grade 5 & 6 Diet Excursion

Grade 5 and 6 took an excursion to the Kokkai known as the Japanese Legislative Branch Diet Building. 

We got to see where all the representatives, ministers, and prime minister sit. Their places were labeled in English.

There were many hallways and staircases to view. Some of the pillars had fossils in them.

We saw some fabulous stained glass windows brought from England when the structure was originally made. 

This is the Imperial Family room if they come to visit.

The Emperor has an office in the Diet building too. 

The marble floors and red carpet made us feel like VIP's.

The lighting provided an interesting atmosphere. 

The entire building was ornate! 

There are 30 faces encased around this fountain to remind the lawmakers that Japan has all kinds of people. The carp inside the pond were neat to watch!

The trip was a part of our Japanese curriculum and G 5 & 6 upcoming unit of inquiry. 

We felt like deliberating on a Bill. 

We have begun a timeline for our Where We Are in Place and Time unit using WWII airplanes. 


These pictures were drawn by freehand by our students.

F4U Corsair

Messerschmitt BF109

Supermarine Spitfire LFMk IX

A6M Mitsubishi Zero

In PYP Mathematics, we are working on problem solving. This is Euler's Rule. The Faces and Vertices added together plus 2 equal the number of edges. 

Beyza studied shapes.

Sean analysed this graph. 

Leyla studied Military Time.

Eren did a favorite food graph.

Sana made a daily schedule timeline.

The children are reading diaries and books that have to do with World War II in American, Europe, and Japan. 

These are our lines of inquiry and key concepts for our PYP unit. 

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