Friday, September 20, 2019

IB Learner Profile Week 4

Grade 5 was open-minded and made a video about-What is a Library? Click on it to watch! 
Selma and Belma made a book about being kind and shared it school wide! 

Some of the children were read the book "We're All Wonders" by the librarian. The children discussed about accepting some people that were different from them but not losing their core values. 

Week 4 Term 1 PSPE

The PE teacher had a problem with his pool noodles (falling down outside in the wind) that the children were supposed to serpentine through during Sports Day.  The noodles were originally sitting on plungers. 

So, the PE Teacher/Librarian added bookends to weight the obstacles down.  I guess that we are products of our environment. 

Grade 4: Week 4

Brain Animators

Grade 4 have become animators for the week! After planning storyboards based on their brain research last week, the children collaborated on their projects in small groups - firstly by designing and creating their characters and scenery;secondly by recording and editing their short films.  The final step was to prepare, rehearse and then narrate a script for the video.

We will watch and reflect on our movies next week. We can't wait to see the finished products!

Sports Day rehearsal

All the children and staff of Shinagawa International School enjoyed a lovely morning of activities practicing their sports in glorious sunshine on Thursday. 


This week grade 4 have been using 'brain' data to create their own graphs - children have produced bar charts and line graphs based on brain mass and development as we get older. Next week we will  be using these graphing skills in order to create our own graphs based on class surveys.

Library Week 4 Term 1

Finding books in our lower elementary section was a problem. So, we have begun to organize our leveled library books by alphabetizing them according to authors and putting there color code in our data base. By the end of next week, teachers and students will be able to find books quickly. 

To some of the students, the librarian talked about conflict resolution. The prefix "con" comes from Latin and means "with." Fligere is the word for striking or fighting. So,"confict" resolution is when we try to solve a problem. We watched a video about a robot that used a boy's toothbrush. Instead of getting angry and blowing up, the boy counted backwards from 10.  Then, he stated his feelings to the robot. The boy thought it was gross that the robot would use his toothbrush. The boy then came up with a creative solution by buying the robot a toothbrush and putting the robot's name on it. The little ones have been singing a song to learn their alphabet sounds. We'll have a video with that song next week. 

Grade 3 Summative Presentations and Sports Day Practice

Grade three has been busy this week practicing for Sports Day and preparing for their presentations on the systems in the Human Body.  Each group is working hard to be able to teach the other students in the class about their system.  They have designed diagrams, researched facts and are labeling pictures.  Each group has now become an "expert" on their system and will hopefully be able to teach other classes about it this year as well!

We also had practice for our annual Sports Day this past week at Samezu Field.  It was great to watch the kids compete against each other and cheer on each team.  We started the morning singing and dancing to Papurika as our warm up and then moved into all our events.  This year grade 3 is participating in a bean bag toss, tug of war, big ball race and an obstacle course!  They have worked hard this year to prepare for the big event!  I know that they will do great!

Week 3 PSPE K-6 Term 1

Our library is next door to the gym. I happen to be a librarian and gym teacher. So, let's open up the door and find out what is going on. We are preparing for Sports Day. This is a glimpse of our Elementary School obstacle course. 

Here, we will pull ourselves through an archway. We were open-minded and used our pool noodles in a semicircular way. The bases are actually drawers and the holes fit the circumference of the noodles perfectly. 

We used laundry clips and clipped them to cones. The pool noodles were rested upon the cones. This creates an oriental effect like a gate or Japanese tori. We also added some hurdles. 

The children will hop on the bouncy ball and crawl in the tunnel.

We will finish off with hula hoops and a run. We will add some mats for a more dramatic finish! 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

PRE-K What we can do when we feel Angry

This week for our Unit of Inquiry,
we talked about our feelings and what we can do when we feel Angry.
Students each drew their own Angry faces
and discussed about what we do when are Angry
(some students mentioned 'I cry', 'I shout', 'I hit' etc)
Then we discussed further as a group 
what Good, or better choices we can make
when we feel upset or angry.

  • Tell mum and dad / or the teacher
  • Read a book
  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Talk to your friend
  • Apologize by saying sorry

Students learning to record their voice on the Ipad

Problem Solving
'We are making a rectangle tower'
'But we have no more square blocks'
'I can make a square with two triangles!'

Cooking and serving at a restaurant

New memory game
Learning to take turns, to recognize the pictures and memorize

Show and Tell
Learning to share their favorite toy from home in front of their classmates
Questioning and Answering,
helps to develop their speaking skills, thinking skills and confidence

Whispering Game
The whole class trying to get the correct WORD after going around everyone

Second Week for Buddy Reading
Our students enjoy the upper Grade students coming over to 
read them a story book of their choice,
They have been asking questions and really enjoyed 
talking about the book

We hope you all have a lovely, safe long weekend :)