Friday, September 6, 2019

Grade 2 Working Together

We finalized our Essential Agreements and now it is displayed in our classroom. Students worked in groups to discuss what was important to them and as a class picked the top 4. 

In math, we revisited the 100's chart. Students had to fill out the chart as fast as they could. We discussed the different ways they filled out the chart. It was interesting to see the different methods they used to complete the chart. We are continuing to look at patterns and sequence in numbers.

In Inquiry, we started our first unit Who We Are. Students drew their neighboorhoods. We wondered if a neighborhood is a community. We worked in groups to discuss what they think a community is. We looked at pictures and had to think of the type of community, the different roles of people/places in that community, and why they are important. We will be ready to share our ideas on Monday. 

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