Thursday, September 12, 2019

Grade 1- Week 3

Grade 1- Working Hard in Week 3

This week we have further researched for our Unit of Inquiry, discovering how the choices people make affect their health. We wrote stories together, letters to home, read many wonderful stories, developed vocabulary and refined our listening skills in class.

In Mathematics this week we have been looking at skip counting and number patterns. We have started counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's, from different starting numbers. The children made number pattern cards and collated them in groups. We then identified the patterns that we could find, within and across the number lines.

Class novel: Flat Stanley
Read aloud books: Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad by Yasmeen Ismail; The Dot by Peter H Reynolds; Feeling Worried by Kay Barnham.
In Reading lessons, we responded to the text Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad by completing the pictures to make the characters happy again. This aligned with our inquiry work on being Balanced and having a Healthy Mind. The artworks were collated into a class book for the children to read during  Reading Corner time.

For the story, The Dot, we responded by completing artworks that started with a single water color dot. The dots were different sizes, shapes and colors and the children had to use their creative thinking skills to invent a new idea. They came up with some incredible artworks! 

Listening and Speaking
This week we have had lots of enthusiastic speakers sharing items, creatures and experiences from home. We have had a hamster in class, special objects and toys, photos and beetles. It is great practise for Listening and Speaking and the children ask inquiring questions afterwards. It is always best when special items link to our inquiry or classroom learning so please encourage these things rather than toys.

Our Inquiry- People Make Choices that Affect their Health
This week we began answering and refining the student questions that were asked last week. We sorted the questions to narrow down our research and to connect with our key concepts- function, perspective and connection. The children were really clever at determining the sorting process.We also received data from a class in Karachi, Pakistan and have entered this data into our bar graphs. It has been interesting to get a global perspective on our inquiry questions- How do we move our bodies? What healthy foods do we eat? How do we have a healthy mind?

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