Friday, September 20, 2019

Library Week 4 Term 1

Finding books in our lower elementary section was a problem. So, we have begun to organize our leveled library books by alphabetizing them according to authors and putting there color code in our data base. By the end of next week, teachers and students will be able to find books quickly. 

To some of the students, the librarian talked about conflict resolution. The prefix "con" comes from Latin and means "with." Fligere is the word for striking or fighting. So,"confict" resolution is when we try to solve a problem. We watched a video about a robot that used a boy's toothbrush. Instead of getting angry and blowing up, the boy counted backwards from 10.  Then, he stated his feelings to the robot. The boy thought it was gross that the robot would use his toothbrush. The boy then came up with a creative solution by buying the robot a toothbrush and putting the robot's name on it. The little ones have been singing a song to learn their alphabet sounds. We'll have a video with that song next week. 

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