Friday, September 6, 2019

Week 2 - Settled in and raring to go!

It has been another busy week in Grade 4, with lots of inquisitive questions and research taking place. We have been continuing the development of our theme - Who we are - by investigating how the brain works.
The students came up with a lot of information that they already knew and then reflected on what questions they would like to investigate going forward.

Information that Grade 4 know and want to find out
In our language session, the children have been looking at the structure and layout of a non-fiction report in order to help them present their findings about the brain.

Identifying the layout and features of a non-fiction report
In mathematics we have been investigating place value of numbers up to 10,00 and beyond. With children participating in a variety of activities to show their understanding and application of the
Children solving Tangrams

Sending messages in the brain exercise

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