Friday, September 6, 2019

Week 2 of Preschool

The students have settled in so nicely and quickly! We dove right into phonics and math this week. 

We started with the letter Ss, and practiced the sound using the Jolly Phonics method. Everyone had fun making the letter Ss with lines, bears, and cars. We also practice walking along the letter Ss. Later in the week, we introduced the letter Aa and its sounds. 

We also practiced counting to 5 using songs and counting bears. The students enjoy using numbers and even used critical thinking skills during the little bear song. 

For gross motor activity and team building skills, we made tunnels and rolled balls with a partner. This helped the students communicate with each other, problem solve, and learn how to share the ball. 

To build the foundation for writing skills, we reviewed lines, and we had a race to see who could draw the fastest line. Everyone had a blast! 

We read three books this week about how we treat our friends. Hands Are Not for Hitting, Should I Share My Ice Cream, and We Don't Eat Our Classmates. The students learned how we treat others in the classroom, and we practiced expressing our feelings during circle time. When we feel upset, angry, sad, or too excited, we can go to the calming corner to relax and process our feelings.

On Friday, we played an ice cream sharing game, and talked about how we feel when we share with our friends. They did a great job sharing the ice cream, and using the word please.

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