Friday, September 13, 2019

Grade 4: Week 3

The Amazing Brain
Grade 4 have been working towards finalizing their projects on the brain by learning to edit and revise their writing. The next step was thinking about the layout and presentation of their work in order to make it appealing to the reader. The children have as a result produced fantastic reports to be displayed in and around our school.

Animated Brains
Grade 4 has also started to plan a cut out animation to explain how the brain works. We will continue to design and then film these productions next week - we will hopefully be able to post these in the next few weeks on our blog when they have been filmed and edited.

Learner Skills Collaboration
Grade 4, 5 & 6 have started to collaborate once a week in order to discuss and reflect on the key skills that they need to work on as a Learner. This week we have been discussing what makes a good communicator.

Grade 4 have continued to learn about place value and ordering large numbers using scales. They will continue to collect and represent numbers and data in various forms next week to show their application and knowledge of the subject.

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