Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Kindergarten - Term 1 Week 5

This week was a short week due to holidays on Monday and Friday!

On Tuesday, Kindergarten had a short field trip to Konami Sports Centre which is behind the school. This field trip linked to our current theme 'Who We Are' in which we've been discussing how to stay healthy. We were given a tour of the different sports activities Konami Sports Centre has to offer and discussed which sports we enjoy.

In Language, we began studying the letters O - U. We were able to combine our phonics skills from Language with identifying the number words in Math class. We did activities using flashcards, mini whiteboards, the interactive board, our notebooks and a worksheet.

In Inquiry, we discussed the height chart we made a few weeks ago and the students were challenged to order themselves from shortest to tallest without checking the chart.

We also discussed what makes us different, such as our appearance, our personalities, likes and dislikes and where we come from. The students enjoyed looking at different countries using Google Maps on the interactive board.


On Thursday afternoon, the students created a self portrait by first drawing themselves and then painting. They decorated it with four healthy things they like. 

Here are some photos Ms. Anna took from Music class:

And some photos from playtime:

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