Friday, September 6, 2019

Week 2 Library

The librarian has been trying to liven up the shelves to spur more of an interest in our book collection to help the children be more open-minded.

This Japanese bookmark doll designates our Japanese section. 

We made a library sign to for our door with an exclamation mark for the "i." We got this idea from a Ted Talk presentation by a designer named Michael Bierut. This same man designed the logo for MasterCard. He was also instrumental in helping the New York School System with their libraries. Notice, also, that we have installed sign-up sheets during our free periods to increase our functionality and availability.  

We are also planning to purchase furniture from a store that specializes in library apparel and cushions. 

The children get to come to the library twice a week with their Japanese teacher and to attend their library class. 

We have been keeping our library at 21.11 degrees C to prevent mildew. 

The children have been talking about rules in the library. We  also just installed a new mobile smart board but more about that later.  

We have a dehumidifier to remove water from our library air. 

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