Thursday, September 5, 2019

Kindergarten Term 1 Week 2

This week we officially began working through our first theme of 'Who We Are', and started working on how the students view themselves in relation to others (for example, family, peers, friends, ethnicity, gender). We discussed family members and the order they come in in a family tree, and the important values for friendship as well as good/bad behaviors.

In Language class, we learnt the letters A - G and how to write them. Most of the class are familiar with these letters now and are ready to progress onto H - N next week. The students learnt the letters by speaking, writing, and using the interactive whiteboard, the mini whiteboards, and playdough.

In Math class, we continued on the topic of Shapes that we touched on last week. The students traced/drew around shapes to create objects/a scene. They also molded playdough to fill shapes and drew them independently both on paper, the interactive whiteboard and the mini whiteboards. The students are now able to listen to the name of the shape and correctly draw it. Some of the students are able to read the name of the shape and correctly draw it.

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