Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Preschool Week 5

What a short but productive week! 

We started the week off with fun fine motor activities. The class had a blast using clothes pins to pick 
up poms poms. We paired off in teams, and we battled each other to see who could place the most 
pom poms in the correct containers. It was challenging, but everyone did a great job. We also made 
straw and yarn necklaces which the students enjoyed wearing.   

This week we introduced the letter P, and created a cute art project. P is for Pineapple! We used 
Q-tips dipped in yellow paint to create fun textures on pineapples, and we traced our hands onto 
green paper. We used this for the green leaves on our pineapples. 

Along with fine motor activities, we also worked on our gross motor skills. We loved using the 
wiggle jar, a jar with lots of fun movements. I think everyone’s favorite movement was to slither like 
a snake. There were a lot of happy snakes in the classroom that day!

To finish on Friday, we did a pom pom, snake in the grass, and crab walk race. For the pom pom race, the students had to use a clothes pin, grab a pom pom, and bring it to a container. For the snake and crab race, they had to slither like a snake and walk like a crab to the finish line. Needless to say, it was very funny to see everyone’s animal movements, and we really enjoyed doing victory dances!

We then reviewed the calming corner, and how we can use it when we feel a little overwhelmed. 
We also took pictures of scared faces to practice talking about different emotions.

And finally, we had a show and tell. We showed the class family photos and talked about our family 
and the activities and details in the photo. 

It was a short but nice week. Have a great weekend!

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