Thursday, September 26, 2019

Week 5 Term 1 Learner Profile

Some of the students briefly looked at the  book entitled "If the World Were a Village" by David Smith. We were open-minded and wondered if the world had just 100 people in it (instead of 6.8 billion humans) what it would be like.  We wondered what the village would look like, how the people would act and what they would do. 

Many of the children listened to the librarian read "The Pink Hat." The story is about a hat that blows in the wind everywhere in a city. The hat is used as a foot warmer, a toy for a pet, a boxing glove, a purse, a swimming cap, a mitt, and a baby's blanket. When the girl grows up, she uses it to promote girl power! This is another one of those open-minded books. 

The younger children watched a video about Mr. Ginger learning to take care of books properly. 

We decided that we don't need to color the black and white pages of books. Coloring books are for that! Also, we don't need to damage books by reading them in our bathtubs.  

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