Thursday, September 19, 2019

Kindergarten - Term 1 Week 4

 In Math, I introduced the number words to the students. This allowed students to practice associating the phonics of letters they have learnt in Language class with the number 1 - 10. The students completed various activities such as matching the number symbol to the word using flashcards and on the interactive whiteboard. They also completed a worksheet to practice writing the number symbols and words, and played some games to practice saying the numbers and the order in which they come.

In Language class, we reviewed the letters A - N through games involving listening, writing and speaking. Most students are confident with these letters now and are ready to move onto O - U next week!

This week in Inquiry we continued the topic of 'Healthy and Unhealthy food' and how it affects our body's growth. The students sorted pictures of food into 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' piles and then stuck them onto a group poster to display in the classroom. The students enjoyed the task and are starting to understand that food such as chicken and bread are also healthy, and not only fruit and vegetables.

On Wednesday we collaborated with Grade 1 who are also learning about healthy food. Grade 1 joined the Kindergarten class and showed them the posters of their healthy body they created last week. The Kindergarten students then helped them to draw healthy food inside the bodies on the posters.

We also read an online book about some healthy dishes and students responded to pictures of different dishes with a 'healthy' or 'unhealthy' sign.

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