Thursday, September 5, 2019

Grade 1- Week 2

Grade 1- A wonderful Week 2

This week we have really launched into our Unit of Inquiry, discovering how the choices people make affect their health. The children were engrossed in discussions about the fruits and vegetables of their family's countries and we searched on Google Map to look at the climate and view of each country. We used this information to predict how children from around the globe eat, move and think to stay healthy. 

In Mathematics this week we have been looking at subitizing (recognizing  and creating a visual image of numbers up to 20 without counting) and counting sets. We have also linked the concept of data collection to our inquiry. We are in the middle of a global Mathematics collaboration with teachers from many countries who will pose our questions to their classes, collect data and send it through to Grade 1 for us to analyse and interpret. The three questions we came up with together are: What healthy foods do you eat? What ways do you move your bodies? What do you do to have a healthy mind? We will share the findings once we have collated them.

Class novel: Flat Stanley
Read aloud books: Leafman by Lois Ehlert; The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell; Ish by Peter H Reynolds.
In Reading lessons, we responded to the text Leaf Man by taking the children for a walk to collect the first fallen leaves of Fall. The book is from our Learner Profile library collection and demonstrates the Balanced attitude. The children created artworks with the leaves without gluing or sticking them down. This showed the transient nature of the seasons and that artworks can be fleeting. We compared the artwork in Leaf Man to the artwork in Ish later in the week and asked, Does Art need to be permanent? as a teacher question. 

For the story, The Gift of Nothing, also from the Balanced collection, the children responded to the story by taking boxes of nothing and turning them into creative objects. The used STEM thinking to transform a cardboard box into a new form.

For the text response to Ish, we asked the children to make a personal connection to the story of a boy who is laughed at when his drawings are not good enough. He later discovers that his sister loves the artworks and has been hanging them on her wall. The children created their own artworks which will be featured in their portfolios.

In writing, we worked on incorporating nouns and verbs into sentences. We used the formula noun + verb and rolled two dice to help create these sentences.  The Grade 1s continued to write in their writing journals. We had stories about Princesses, adventure teams, dancing chickens and many more. Here is this week's Class Shared Writing for you to read:
Healthy Me
I am healthy when I am drinking milk. I am healthy when I eat healthy foods. Some healthy foods are; lettuce, avocado, tomato, meat, apples, blueberries, fish, strawberries, cornbread, cheese sandwiches, broccoli, banana, carrot juice, water, apple juice, pineapple, orange juice, dragon fruits and orange. 

I am healthy when I am running. I am healthy when I am doing gymnastics, swimming, exercising, going on a treadmill, playing golf, doing yoga, doing kung fu, jumping, walking, riding a bike, playing cricket, playing at a playground, doing judo, dancing like ballet, skipping, skateboarding, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ski biking and surfing.

I have a healthy mind when I am powerful and creative when I make things. I have a healthy mind when I do as God or my family says and move my body. I have a healthy mind when I sleep well at night. When I am calm, I have a healthy mind. I have a healthy mind when I am balanced.

By Grade 1- Term 1, 2019

Shared Writing

Working on cooperation
During our morning centers the children worked cooperatively to complete three jigsaw puzzles.  

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