Thursday, September 12, 2019

Grade 5: Week 3

Grade 5 worked together to come up with a collaborative definition of what 'rights' are. We decided that they are:
  • something that humans need to keep us safe,
  • for everyone,
  • there to make sure everyone is treated fairly,
  • linked to laws but are not law,
  • not to be taken away from you.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that everyone, including ourselves, have their rights respected. The children thought about their responsibilities in ensuring that the students from Grade 6 had their right to speak freely and were able to share their thoughts and opinions.

 'We must listen carefully and be respectful to everyone's opinions, even if we don't agree.'

After reviewing our class central agreements, Grade 5 were able to make connections and match them to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Using the iPads, the children filmed their pledge to uphold their responsibilities, stated in their agreements, to ensure that everyone in the class, and the school community, has their rights upheld and respected.

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