Thursday, September 19, 2019

Grade 1- Week 4

This week we continued our inquiry through many different faucets. We received some data on the different choices children from around the world make in order to maintain a healthy body, visited Konami Sports Center, shared our learnings with the kindergarteners, wrote stories together and got started on our very own Healthy Me Diary! We worked together to move our bodies in healthy ways at the Sports Day Practise at Samezu Park and in class using the Go Noodle website.

In Mathematics this week we got a chance to apply our skip counting skills while analyzing data. The children came up with the idea of skip counting by 5 (as seen on a ruler) when our bar graph ran out of space.


Class novel: Flat Stanley

This week we had a delivery from Flat Stanley. The children loved guessing what was inside. It was a

new rug for our classroom all rolled up just like Flat Stan Read aloud books: Stone Soup by Ann McGovern; Wombat Stew by Marcia K Vaughan; In Reading lessons, we read the story Stone Soup and the children correctly sequenced the events in the story. We used a pretend pot and added all of the healthy ingredients into the pot in the correct order. This aligned with our inquiry work on Healthy Eating choices. Next week we would like to cook Stone Soup with the children. Please let us know if this is a concern for you. We have taken into account all of the food preferences and requirements of the children.

Listening and Speaking

On Thursday Ms Melanie’s parents came to visit our class from Melbourne, Australia. The children asked wonderful questions and shared their knowledge of The Great Barrier Reef, Australian animals, foods and culture. Mr Cleine played an Australian song on his harmonica called Click Go the Shears and we discussed the meaning of the song and watched a rendition on YouTube that illustrated the lyrics.

Our Inquiry- People Make Choices that Affect their Health
We learnt more about our inquiry questions this week and started writing our Healthy Me Diary, including photos of the children making healthy choices. We also visited Konami Sports centre where our tour showed us the facilities and many people making healthy choices about moving their body. We saw: swimming, golf, tennis, weights and gym, Body Pump classes, trampolining and gymnastics, baby gymnastics class and running.

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