Friday, September 20, 2019

Grade 3 Summative Presentations and Sports Day Practice

Grade three has been busy this week practicing for Sports Day and preparing for their presentations on the systems in the Human Body.  Each group is working hard to be able to teach the other students in the class about their system.  They have designed diagrams, researched facts and are labeling pictures.  Each group has now become an "expert" on their system and will hopefully be able to teach other classes about it this year as well!

We also had practice for our annual Sports Day this past week at Samezu Field.  It was great to watch the kids compete against each other and cheer on each team.  We started the morning singing and dancing to Papurika as our warm up and then moved into all our events.  This year grade 3 is participating in a bean bag toss, tug of war, big ball race and an obstacle course!  They have worked hard this year to prepare for the big event!  I know that they will do great!

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