Thursday, September 5, 2019

PRE-K Rules and Making GOOD Choices in our Classroom

We had another lovely busy week in our Pre-K Room!
Lots of learning, exploring and experimenting.

Learning about Days of the Week
What day is it today? What day was it yesterday? What day is it tomorrow?

We talk about what the weather is like every morning

Can I make GOOD choices?
Our current Unit of Inquiry 'How we organize ourselves'
we are talking about rules and the codes of behavior.
Each student created their own portrait this week and it is displayed up on the wall.

We will be adding comments next to their portrait
(e.g. I can tidy up, I can help others, I can share with my friends)
as the students show their positive,
good choices that they make in the classroom!

Math Activities : 
Learning about numbers, counting and recognizing, 
work together in groups (teamwork),
problem solving and communicating skills.

Language Activities :
Recognizing letters, Alphabets in order from A-Z
writing own name with letters, working together with others,
drawing pictures and describing what they drew

Developmental Play
Making choices of their own on what to play with,
with who they want to play with and how

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