Monday, April 30, 2018

Japanese class (Kindergarten-Grade2)

4月のJapanese class の様子を写真でお届けいたします。

Finger play songs! [どんぐりとこりす]
They liked counting parts, [ころころひとつ、ころころふたつ、ころころみっつ、ころころよっつ・・]
When I came in the class, they showed me proudly singing this song!
I was amazed :)


Nihongo students learned how to write beautiful Kanji, JAL students learned Japanese conversation「すきです」「すきじゃないです」.

 JAL students learned Hiragana and Katakana pronunciation through games.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Grade 1 Week 5 Term 3 Sharing the Planet

Grade 1 has been figuring out what renewable and nonrenewable resources are. Above is Baltazar's coal report. 

Azmi found out that Godzilla was made from Uranium 235! What a great connection!

This is Osman's fire!

Here is Yui's beautiful renewable tree. 

This is Elysia's Kalimba poster.

Kosei and Saeed are going to finish their  posters when we return from our break with more Japanese.

Baltazar did a splendid bilingual maraca display in Japanese and in English.

Sule was the first student to finish!

Kai did a great French horn poster for our Music Reusable Material Museum.

The xylophone explanation really stood out too!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Grade 4 - How the World Works - International Children's Day

International Children's Day was a great success for Grade 4.  Everyone was enthusiastically sharing their knowledge of electrical energy as guides for our Energy City Model.  It was great to see students conversing in multiple languages with both people they knew, as well as strangers, and providing information about how we get and use electrical energy and why and how we need to responsible for it.  Great job Grade 4!