Friday, February 24, 2017

Grade 2 Week 23: How the world works

Grade 2 had a fun time working on their sail cars this week in class. Throughout the week they planned and made a sail car that was powered by wind energy from handheld fans. Today was the big race, and the students rose to the challenge!

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We also worked on our drawings of structures you can find in Tokyo. Students chose 1 type of building they wanted to draw and identified how that building serves the needs of the community and the different types of materials that go into building them.

How the World Works 2/24/2017 Grade 3

Eren shows the medals that we will be giving out during our Award Ceremony on Tuesday.

 Sean sorted the medals and trophies according to names, grade levels and places.
We had Science and Numeracy Week this past week. The children started off solving a fingerprint mystery from from a book entitled "Cam Jansen and the Green School Mystery."
The children put on some cream and put their fingerprints on a sheet of plastic.
They took a special powder and dusted for prints with a feather.

The residue left the fingerprint image on the plastic.
The children took tape and lifted the print onto a sheet of black paper.
The children, then, cut out their print and compared it to the large fingerprint.
 None of us were the criminals. We felt just like detectives though!

We did other activities such as lava lamps, pinhole cameras, mystery science, magnetic nails, static balloons, math, and milky solutions. 
Here is a picture of the milky solution that we made.

This week we did some common sense and cent math!
 Talal built a sail car for our race today. He did an outstanding design but it proved to be just a little too heavy to win the entire competition!
 Sean's sail car had some tires that rolled very well, a balanced design and a wonderful sail. That is why his car looks like it is smiling. 
 The hardest part of the Science competition was designing the wheels so they wouldn't wobble.
Emine added a self-made clay doll to her sail car!
 Also, friends had to race against each other.
 Somebody had to win and each time it was harder!

Our wrist got sore from fanning so much and the whole school watched!
Here is a picture of most everybody's car. 

Sana's car was first in our sail car competition. Way to go, Sana! She made it out of a tissue box, sheet of plastic, bottle caps, chopsticks, wooden skewers and CD's. She used a fan to propel the car. 
 The children have been doing more reading in their inquiries.
We sequenced the story events in order by working collaboratively together. 
 Beyza worked hard doing Mathematics in our Sum Dog competition.
Sean and Eren remembered their passwords and usernames to log into the Math competition. (By the way, these pictures were taken by Emine.) Jin won our whole school estimation contest 3 times out of 4 this week! He estimated everything from blocks to spaghetti and rice grains. Congratulations Jin! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Grade One Week 23: How the World Works

It was very busy week in Grade One. In addition to our inquiry into How the World Works, we also had Science Week. With students from the other grades we participated in different experiments to learn about magnets, cameras, static electricity and many other exciting new things. 

We began Science Week on Monday by learning about fingerprints.

Learning about magnets

For our inquiry this week, we studied sound. The students used different recycled materials to create their own instruments. They were curious to see which materials they could use to make loud and soft sounds, as well as high and low pitch sounds. 

In math we learned about weight and how to use a balancing scale. 

Working hard on our sail cars.

Heavy, heavier, heaviest

We ended Science Week with a sail car race. Everyone worked hard on their cars and had a great time.