Friday, October 18, 2019

Literacy Week with Preschool

This week was literacy week, and our class really enjoyed the theme. To begin the week, we had a show and tell of our favorite books. We loved seeing what everyone enjoys reading.

On Tuesday, we had a great guest reader, who read Bear Learns to Share. The students loved the cute illustrations, and even connected what we have been learning in phonics with a character from the story---A-a-alligator!

Then, we had The Celebration of Learning which was a great day! The students were so excited to show their parents what they had been working on throughout this unit of inquiry. They did wonderfully with their music performance, and loved sharing their classroom with their parents. And, of course, we cannot forget the cute costumes! Please check the link below for a cute video of the costumes.

We finished the week with a book the students loved, Room on the Broom, and the second grade class came to read with us. To finish the day, the fourth grade class played a game with us, and we received a new train set for our class! It was a great way to finish a busy week.

Have a great mid-term break!

Character Costumes Video

Celebration of Learning and Literacy Week

Literacy Week

We have had a wonderful and busy week with a great many activities and actions taking place. Well done to all the children for increasing their reading habits and smashing our Reading Challenge of 5000 pages (we actually managed 8700 pages - not counting all those who did not bring in their challenge sheet for the final count).
It was lovely to see all the children dressed up as a favorite book character on Thursday - they looked great!
The children also enjoyed buddy reading with Kindergarten - they were incredibly helpful and supportive towards their schoolmates.
Thank you to our parents for coming in and reading with the children in their own languages.
In addition to the whole school activities, we have completed our work on our first central idea for the year with the children writing a short autobiography about their own successes and challenges in life so far.

Celebration of Learning

Thank you to all the children and parents for attending our first celebration of learning for the academic year. The children's music performances were fabulous and the parade was costume-tastic. It was great to have so many parents in class to help with our inquiry by answering a survey on their own mindsets and attitudes towards success, challenge and failure. 

Activity Center

On Friday, Grades 4 -6 went to a nearby activity center to take part in bouldering and archery. It was challenging, but great fun. The children really pushed themselves to try the hardest courses and get to the top. Well done students!

Next Term

We will be starting our new theme after the break - Where we are in place and time, with our focus being explorers. As part of the children's homework, we have asked that they each research their own explorer - from any  place and any time. We look forward to their presentations when they come back.

Grade 5: Literacy Week

This week has been Literacy Week at SIS.

The children worked hard for the celebration of learning and produced some fantastic posters to display their learning. They presented these to parents and explained what they had researched and the conclusions that they had made. Both their music performances showed their commitment and growing love for music. They should be very proud of themselves for their work with Mr. Thomas.

Grade 5 applied their experiences supporting Pre-K with their reading whilst working with Grade 1 this week. They showed that they are caring and great communicators.

We've been so lucky this week to go on TWO trips this week. To end our first unit of inquiry, Grade 5 went to the Sporu Centre with Grade 4 and 6. The children were respectful and supportive to their peers when attempting challenging and sometimes scary activities. They ensured that they treated everyone equally and kept themselves and others safe by listening carefully and following instructions.

Grades 5 and 6 also went to the Ancient Orient Museum in preparation for our next unit of inquiry; where we are in place and time. We generated some great questions about what we saw and asked our fantastic guide. We even saw a replica of the Hammurabi stone we researched during our first inquiry.

We'll see you on the 28th October. Have a restful break.

Final Week of Half Term and Celebration of Learning

What Hectic week this has been in grade 6! Two Fields trips, Literacy Week and a Celebration of Learning.

Our trip to the Museum of the ancient Orient was very inspiring as we got to see some artifacts and learned about the first people to inhabit these island and we heard how they developed into different states.

Our Trip to Sporu Centre provided us with the opportunity to mix with other grades and to reflect on the different relationships we observe in the school, and we tried to identify examples of positive peer pressure throughout the day.

Literacy Week was a great success with students making a monumental effort to read a total of over 24,000 pages. We shared our reading with Grade 1 in the library and wrote some stories. Well done to all our winners, It was a successful week and hopefully, this love of reading will continue into the future.

Our Celebration of Learning was a great success, thank you for those that could make it and enjoy the learning that occurred throughout the whole first term. Enjoy the Autumn Holiday Everyone

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Literacy Week and Celebration of Learning

This week was our Literacy Week. We participated in many activities such as D.E.A.R., buddy reading, guest readers, character costume parade, reading and writing challenge, and much more! Grade 2 read a total of 3900 pages! Their goal was 3000. Great job!

Preschool students welcomed us with open arms for buddy reading :)

Our guest reader read a story to us in Russian. She also taught us some words. Privet!

Students decorated the classroom door with their drawing of their favorite books.

We wrapped up our unit Who We Are with our  first Celebration of Learning on Thursday. Grade 2 students enjoyed sharing their learning with classmates, parents, and grade 3 students.