Sunday, May 19, 2019

Grade 3 Ueno Zoo

A week ago, Grade 3 and Grade 2 went to the Ueno Zoo as part of their unit of inquiry study.  Grade three looked at the various food chains at the zoo as well as signs around the zoo.  They had to understand what the purpose of each sign was in order to help them with their summative project.  Here are some pictures of their trip to the zoo!

Grade 2 Moving Forward

This week we finished our unit on multiplication. We wrapped it up with some multiplication games and a test on multiplication arrays. 

We have been working on stating our opinions. We worked as a class to brainstorm different reasons to support our choices and then wrote them down in paragraph form. We will continue to practice this with various topics. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Japanese Class (Grade1)


Grade1は先月、リサイクルについての勉強をしていました。Field Trip から帰ったあと、Japaneseではさまざまな絵カードを「燃える・燃えない・リサイクル」の3つに分類しました。画用紙にはる前に友達に意見を聞いたり、これでいいかをField Tripでもらってきたリサイクルに関する資料で確認したりしていました。


Grade 4 - Year End Performance Planning

Grade 4 has been collaborating ideas about what to do for the year end performance and we came up with the idea of a music and dance performance about inquiry and discovery.  Some students in particular have been working on organizing and writing the whole performance.  They began by changing the lyrics to the song "What's This?" from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas to be about the inquiry and discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo.  Then, they came up with ideas and choreography for some drama and dance to match the message in the lyrics.   We are still in the early stages but the ideas are starting to blossom.  Here's a look at the rough draft of the new lyrics.  We hope it will be a real showstopper!

Pre-K Week 6: Ten frames, ABC and cheeky animals at the zoo!

Pre-K had such a enjoyable week learning new things in math and literacy and finishing the week with a visit to the zoo (see preschool blog for photos).


 Learning how to recognize numbers in a ten frame 

Choosing the right amount of food for our pets by counting

Starting to practice uppercase and lowercase recognition and handwriting

We had a visit from Grade 3 who helped us make 3D animal models using clay

We started to practice our gross motor skills by underarm throwing and catching practice. We also used this skill to practice our alphabet through the game 'Alphabet' toss.