Sunday, January 20, 2019

Grade 2 Poets

Students in grade 2 are writing poetry! We are learning different ways to express ourselves, feelings, and ideas. We wrote acrostic poems, shape poems, and now are working on rhyming poems such as limericks. 

Students played a game to match rhyming words. They had lots of fun!

Our new addition, Ms. Jasmine, has been coming up with great ideas and working with students individually and in groups to work on different skills!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Japanese Class -Grade2



Grade 3 How We Express Ourselves

Throughout this unit, grade 3 has been learning about advertisements.  They studied about print ads and created their own print ads, along with how they would sell the ad.  We then viewed various commercials and analyzed each of them.  Finally, we listened to radio ads and tried to figure out what the product was that was being sold.  They compared all the types of ads to find out what is common for each type.  Their lines of inquiry are helping to guide them through the various activities.  The purpose of this unit for grade 3 is to learn and understand what their audience is interested in and how they can keep the attention of their audience. 

Expressing Ourselves Through Music G-5 and 6

Grade 5 and 6 are learning to express themselves by playing "Autumn Leaves" independently with a keyboard and computer.

The song originates from 1943 and was recently remade by Eric Clapton. We are fusing the time period of WWII to today.

Our goal is to improvise one part of the song to have more ownership in the song. 

Here two girls are learning the bass and treble clef. 

Grade 4 - Conference Preparations

Tomorrow, we will be having student-parent-teacher conferences at SIS.  Throughout the year, the students have been compiling work in their portfolios to showcase their learning and hard work.  Now is the opportunity for them to share this with their parents!  

In Grade 4, the students choose their best work based upon the PYP five essential elements; using trandisciplinary skills, understanding conceptual thinking, gaining knowledge, showing attitudes, and taking action.  Today in preparation for their conferences, the students reviewed their portfolios and practiced sharing them with a partner.  I know tomorrow will be a great day for both parents and students to be proud of their work and progress!



Grade 1 - Thinking about Feelings

One of our lines of inquiry is "Various ways to express feelings." We read a book in class called "happy, sad, feeling glad" by Yasmeen Ismail to help us think about different feelings. It introduced us to many new vocabulary words to describe feelings beyond just "happy" or "sad" - some of our new favorite words were "jealous," "startled," and "relaxed." 

Image result for happy, sad, feeling glad

We were able to think about various situations when you would feel a certain way, like being "nervous" or "relaxed" about swimming. The pages in the book allowed us to draw in and complete the picture, and it was a great opportunity to express our creativity, which is one of our attitudes for this unit. It was so interesting to see and communicate about each other's ideas for the drawing. We hope to complete some more throughout the unit!