Friday, May 31, 2019

Science Week Grade 5/6

These are just a few pictures of Science Week. We will have more next week!

We made an inventory of 5 days of Science Week supplies for over 100 students.

As a provocation for Science Week, we had a water faucet tap with no piping!

We made water animation with stick figures and dry erase markers on ceramic plates. 

We talked about the fact that oil and water don't mix. 

We assisted younger students. 

Grade 5 poked meat skewers through a bag. The record was 62 skewers without a leak of water!

Today during Science Week, we made bouncy balls out of crystal polymers and water.

The Japanese kit from Can-Do that we used looked like this! This package will make 2 balls.

We used casting molds!

Our group helped Preschool. 

We needed to immerse our balls in water for 30 seconds and then for 3 minutes. After that, we let them dry for an additional 1 minute. At that point, we took them out of the mold for 3 minutes again.

We did refraction with water too!

Some of us made clouds in ASP!

Japanese -Koinobori-





Preschool - Science Week

It was science week this week and our students enjoyed so much 
watching and trying out different science experiments.
Learning about how WATER Works
HUGE thanks to the Beyza and Jiwon from Grade 6 for helping in our Preschool Room.

What SINK or FLOAT in the water?

Magic Water Marker

Pencils in Plastic Bags

Diaper Absorbing

Making Bouncy Balls