Friday, March 24, 2017

Grade 2 Sharing the Planet/How the World Works wrap-up March 24

Grade 2 class had a lot of fun visiting the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum this week on Thursday. The museum had many different styles of buildings that reflect different time periods in Japanese architecture. The students enjoyed visiting a traditional farmhouse and learning about the different features, such as an indoor fire pit that helps to keep insects away in the summer.

Grade 2 had so much fun making their own pinwheels inside the farm house. They also got to try pumping water from a well by hand! We found a quiet spot to journal and reflect on the day as well. 

The whole class enjoyed playing on a real train car replica, it was just like taking a ride on the real thing! After a quick stop for lunch, we were able to see the rest of the buildings at the museum. 

The class was surprised when we crossed a bridge and found koi fish and frogs in the water below! 
A fun and exciting day was had by everyone.