Friday, December 6, 2019

Preschool: Mystery Bags and Fishing

We continued our mystery bag with the letters F and G. F is for...? Fried Chicken! Fish! Fruit! G is for...? Green! Grave Digger! 
Some of their answers were very funny, and then we had a show and tell. 

This week, we did buddy reading with 4th grade. The 4th graders were so nice to bring new books for us to read!

We did a few outdoor activities this week too! We went fishing for toy fish, of course! We practiced counting to 15, and tried to catch the correct number of fish. The students had a blast!

We love oil pastels! The textures are so interesting, and it looks so bright and colorful. We are so proud of our art!

Speaking of creativity, we also like to show creativity when we write our names!

We finished the week with pottery! We finally painted our coil pots with 6th grade. Or students are great painters. 

Have great weekend! See you next week for the field trip! 

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Grade 4 Week:14

On Monday, Grade 4 accompanied the whole school to Curian Theatre in order to rehearse our acts and sing our celebration song - 'Brand New Land'. We even had our very own dressing room to wait in until we had to go on stage!

Over the week we have been looking at coordinates and the language of position in mathematics. We played Treasure Hunt and Battleship games in order to learn how to use coordinates correctly. It was so fun!

We are putting together the last few dance moves for our routine for the show, it is hard work as everyone has lots of different ideas and we want to use them all!

In inquiry, we have been putting the finishing touches to our final pages of the class exploration atlas by researching the methods and tools of navigation. We have also been writing fictional diary accounts of explorers in the past, present and future.

Grade 3 Learning about time management

Grade 3 has been busy this week preparing their props and costumes for the winter performance.  They have all worked really hard to prepare for this performance of Peter Pan.  Each student designed and made the different props that we will use for the show.  They had to work together as a team and manage their time to be sure that everything is completed before the big day!

Also this week during our circle time, we have been talking about time management and organization.  The students were split into groups and are creating posters about these topics as well as what they are learning in Math and what they have learned during Language class.  It is important for them to show their understanding and to help others learn about these topics!  

Grade 6 Week Beginning 12/2/19

The end of the calendar year is nearly upon us and preparations are being made for our end of year Winter Performances. The entire SIS community is coming together to share our learning this term in an artistic way.

Upper Primary rehearsals

Meanwhile, in class grade 6 students are continuing their preparations for presentations about how the Ancient World impacts our Modern life today. Grade 4 and Grade 5 have been invited to come to see our presentations. Students are thinking of ways to make their presentations more interactive and we have come up with some very interesting ideas.
What civilizations do these represent?
In Math, we are consolidating our learning and self assessing our ability to work with numbers. Plans are underfoot to make some Math games and resources to make our learning more meaningful and fun.

Planning mathematical board games

Prototype no.1

Finally, we have returned to our clay pottery to add some colour. Did you know some of the earliest examples of pottery come from Japan. We hope to continue our collaborative art project with Pre-School, in the New Year.

ICT - Grade 6 Simple Machines.

Grade 6 students have been working on their current inquiry: Where we are place and time. The central idea is "Past Civilisations left legacies that are present today". In ICT class, students made some simple machines to understand the basic concept and try to imagine previous civilizations' lifestyles as well as shape discovery and inventions in their minds. Here are the projects they were determined to carry out:

Self-moving rubber band car
Flying long-distance plane
Bow and arrow
and more...