Sunday, September 23, 2018

Grade 2 Community Values

This week we have been exploring what our classroom and family communities value. We had a show and tell where students had to bring in something that is important to their family. Each student shared and then we had to make a connection to what value that item represented. It was a difficult task but turned out to be very successful!

We also talked about our PYP attitude of appreciation and drew pictures of what we appreciate. Some students also finished up their posters of the learner profile attribute open-minded.

We started a measurement unit in math. We used non-standard units of measure and made estimates of items and then checked to see how accurate our estimates were. We made comparisons of measurements of different things in our classroom from desks to feet size to height.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Grade 5 and 6 PYP Game Week 4

We are figuring out what our PYP unit is about. 

                             Our class played a fraction game in Mathematics using a chart. 

The object of the game was to make a whole using mixed fractions. 
The game proved to be fun and a bit challenging. 

We tried our hand at some cursive.

The children looked at a poem by one of the great Masters. 

Joyce Kilmer's poem "Trees" will inspire us to write our own poetry in the future.

Some of the children are continuing to look into the difference between judges and kings of a long time ago and how they grant rights.  

We tried to define what civil rights are. Some people thought that they were everybody getting to ride where they wanted to on a bus. Others defined them as rights of freedom and for civilians. One of the children thought that these rights promoted equality. Another individual defined these rights as something fair. 

Grade 4 - Finding Out

In Grade 4, we have started to turn our wall into a giant display of the inquiry cycle with some of the students' work for each phase.  

Now, we are working on "Finding Out" about some of the questions that we have formulated.  The first one was "Is it always good to succeed and bad to fail?"  For a resource we used the book, The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes.  By hearing her story and how she responded positively to her failure, we learned that being worried about mistakes can also stop you from being a risk-taker and trying new things.  It's better to try and learn from mistakes because the more things you try out, the more you can learn and happiness you can find.  

We also started to find out about our second question, "How does our brain work?" since we thought that thinking is such an important part of success, challenge and failure.  To research this we watched a video about "The Learning Brain" that taught us about how neurons and pathways work when we are learning.  Everyone was very interested in seeing microscopic images of the neurons and pathways in an animal that was in a cage compared with an animal that had companions and friends, as well as a newborn baby growing into a two year old.   

Japanese Class



Thursday, September 20, 2018

Grade 1 - Making Healthy Menus

Grade 1 finished making their healthy menus! Each student chose to create a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We made sure to have something from each food group (fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy). It is important to have a balanced, healthy meal. 

In math, we are continuing to work on addition using different strategies, such as using a hundreds chart and counting on. 

Grade 3 Teaching Word Problems to each other

This week in Grade 3 we are working on Word Problems.  Students are learning to breakdown the problem sentence by sentence and drawing pictures to help with their understanding.  Today they had to teach their classmates how to solve the problems.  It was a good learning lesson for them as they had to see not only their own mistakes but mistakes that their classmates made as well!