Thursday, October 31, 2019

Grade 5: New term, new unit

Grade 5 have jumped right back into it this week. In maths, the children thought of all the possible ways they could represent multiplication using both physical and visual representations. Though it was a little difficult to move away from using objects to replace numbers in equations at first, they were all risk takers and inquirers, persevering by thinking outside the box.


In language, we have started to look at myths and legends. After reading some Greek, Roman and Japanese myths, Grade 5 discussed the features and created a class toolbox on our language wall for us to refer to. The children read the opening to the legend of Yamata no Orochi and plotted the first part of the story on a storyboard. They then created a character profile of Susano, the protagonist and hero of the story, using drama to spark their imagination and develop a wider bank of descriptive vocabulary.

In inquiry, the children began by tuning into our new unit and trying to develop questions. They were able to make connections between our visit to the Museum of the Ancient Orient before the break and  many images concluded that we were learning about the history of Japan. 

We have also been looking at maps to identify the geographical features of different locations. Grade 5 then used this knowledge to recreate a map of Japan and create a massive salt dough model. It was a bit tricky finding somewhere to put it! We will begin painting it next week hopefully when the dough begins to dry out. 

Finally, Grade 5 stepped back in time during a visit to the Edo Tokyo Museum. The children learnt about time during the Edo period and generated questions about what life was like, why people settle in certain places and how things have changed. 

PRE-K First Week back at School

It was so lovely to see everyone back at school!

Students enjoyed doing Collage Art
Selecting the material,
cutting into whatever shape/sizes they desire
and making their own unique art piece.

Recently we had colored sand in our classroom for our students to explore.
This week we wanted to make some changes and do something special!

So we...

mixed the blue and red sand together!
We asked the students what color they think it will turn into,
some of them said green and some said just red/blue.

We found out that mixing the red and blue turns into PURPLE!
We also got a Yellow colored sand out too.

Our Pre-K students love this Guessing Game at the moment!
Helping our students to build up their speaking and communication skills

 During Developmental Play
Students work as a team to build a garage for their cars.

Math Activities
Ladybug BINGO
Number Order from 1-100
How many insects? Counting Chart
Geometric Shapes
Beading in Patterns

Drawing with Chalk on Black Paper

Friday Show and Tell
Liam and Tatsuki shared their toys
to the class today!

Pre-K students were worried about Yusuf and 
we decided to draw something for him to get better :)