Thursday, September 12, 2019

Grade 6 Week 3

Original design
We have become quite settled now in grade 6 and starting to move on with our unit. Students discussed what change means to them and how somethings might change but stay the same. We discussed the story of Thesus's Ship and if a ship that has been repaired with new pieces is the same ship as the original.

Remodeled designs
This inquiry developed into how we can use some pieces of Lego to design different things like Shuriken, Teleportation machines and underwater houses, and using the same pieces they can be transformed, redesigned or simply added to to create new models like satellites, gyms and spinning tops.

Through reflection on our creativity and collaborative skills, we identified how our imagination can be triggered by others and considered the positive impact that working with others and accepting change can have on our creativity and thought process.

We are also developing our group presentation skills and decided what a good presentation looked like and tried or best to meet our agreed criteria.
Our presentations about the human body gave students the opportunity to reflect on their own presentation style and to give useful feedback to their peers.

Collecting Data
Data Collection
Students collected data from the whole school about different hair styles in SIS. We are testing the theory that boys have shorter hair than girls and will consider what factors might be behind this observation. We will be considering if society changes who we are and our appearance.

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