Friday, September 20, 2019

Week 3 PSPE K-6 Term 1

Our library is next door to the gym. I happen to be a librarian and gym teacher. So, let's open up the door and find out what is going on. We are preparing for Sports Day. This is a glimpse of our Elementary School obstacle course. 

Here, we will pull ourselves through an archway. We were open-minded and used our pool noodles in a semicircular way. The bases are actually drawers and the holes fit the circumference of the noodles perfectly. 

We used laundry clips and clipped them to cones. The pool noodles were rested upon the cones. This creates an oriental effect like a gate or Japanese tori. We also added some hurdles. 

The children will hop on the bouncy ball and crawl in the tunnel.

We will finish off with hula hoops and a run. We will add some mats for a more dramatic finish! 

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