Thursday, September 12, 2019

Kindergarten Term 1 Week 3

This week in Language we have been learning the names and sounds of the letters H - N. We used the mini whiteboards, our notebooks, flashcards, and some computer games. Most students seem confident with these letters, but some still need some practice. Next week, we will review the letters A-N to give the students some time to practice them further.

In Math, we practiced counting 0 - 10. The students enjoyed pretending to be part of the 'counting snake' around the class and saying the correct number as it was their turn. We used the interactive smart board, flashcards, mini whiteboards, a computer game and a worksheet to practice the numbers. Next week, we will focus on the written numbers 0 -10 (eg. 'one').

In Inquiry, we discussed growth, our height and what we need to do to help us be healthy. We made a growth chart tree, played with toy food, and painted and discussed our favourite food. The students also had to choose the healthy food option cut-outs and create a healthy balanced plate.
Next week, we will continue this topic of healthy food.

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