Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pre-K Show and Tell + Buddy Reading with Grade 5

Watercolor Painting
We've got Amazing Artists in our Pre-K Room!

Students enjoyed Story Sequencing Activity
'There was an Old Lady who swallowed a Spider'

We had fun learning to take photos with our Ipads of ourselves and others at ICT time

Developmental Play

 Our Pre-K students enjoyed finding different shapes 
that were placed around the classroom
and completed a Graph using stickers

Students enjoyed playing games together -
learning the rules for the game,
turn taking, fine motor skills,
and hand-eye coordination

What am I ? Game
Students all had a chance to pick a card to put onto their forehead band.
They got descriptions/hints about the picture from their classmates,
and they are to guess what it is
This game really helped our students to enhance their speaking skills while describing...
(e.g., it has a long neck, it was spots, it is yellow)

Music Class - Learning how to play twinkle twinkle little star with Bells!

They said they are making a very long cleaner (vacuum),
lovely to see how they are working together as a team

Show and Tell
We had few students who did show and tell for the first time today!
We had awesome questions and answers from our students
'Where did you get it from?'
'I got it from by dad, he got it from Aeon'
Some of them were quite nervous as it was their first time however,
as we do more and more and see others to theirs,
 I'm sure they will gain confidence very quickly!

Math Activities

Buddy Reading
We had our Grade 5 students visit our Pre-K Room today
and they read books to our students!
They absolutely loved having the older students come in to read to them
so we are planning to make this Buddy Reading session every Fridays

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