Thursday, November 8, 2018

Preschool - Cavemen

For all the parents who came along to the parent’s morning today,
I would like to say thank you for participating and being a part of the student’s school program, the students 
seemed to love having you in the classroom!

Also, it was nice to show you how well each and
 every students are doing at school!

As some of you have already seen today by looking at the photos and the students art works, they have started their new unit this week...

·            Monday – Watched ‘Caveman’ Video, students were 
                     asked questions about the video, making them think and wonder
·            Tuesday – Collected some soil from outside
·            Wednesday – Table was set up with mud and water (provocation)
-        Asked students if we can make the paint and 
how we can do it using the soil and water.  
We mixed the soil and water to make mud paint 
and use our hands to see if we can make marks on the paper
·            Thursday – ‘Art Treasure Hunt’, like a caveman, we went to the 
                     park and found resources to make paint brushes 
                     found from the nature
·            Friday - Use our paint brushes made with 100% natural resources, 
                     do painting with our parents, also using the mud paint we made

Here is the link to the 'Cavemen' video if
 you would like to watch if with your child at home :)

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