Thursday, November 1, 2018

Grade 1 - Where We Are in Place and Time: My Family History

We started our second Unit of Inquiry for the year, Where We Are in Place and Time: My Family History. The students began with a task of sorting various pictures into different categories. Each group of students had to work together to discuss and think about how these pictures were alike or different to categorize them. Some of us thought back to our Kindergarten unit about families, and remembered the word "ancestors." 

Each group labeled their categories, and presented their poster to the class. 

After the presentations, we discussed our findings; at first, we thought only some of the pictures showed families - the ones with a mom, dad, children, and grandparents. However, after our discussion, we realized that some families have no grandparents, or only one "adult" (mom or dad), or no children. We came to the conclusion that all of these pictures were families, although they were different (in terms of family members). 

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