Friday, August 30, 2019

First Week of Preschool 2019

Hello, parents!

Everyone did a great job their first week of preschool! We played games, learned routines, and got to know our friends and teachers.

This week we read Mouse’s First Day of School, and we practiced using crayons, colored pencils, play dough, and even scissors to start improving our fine motor skills.

We learned about straight lines, zigzag lines, and curved lines. It seemed like many students loved zigzag lines. First we practiced tracing the lines, and then, we drew lines together on the smart board. We even practiced walking in straight and zigzag lines. The students looked so cute walking in a zigzag line together.

Everyone loved learning about shapes. We played matching games, and manipulated play dough to create the shapes we had learned. Later, we even tried tracing the shapes using markers. The students enjoyed using the markers, and they even learned how to share the erasers with their classmates.

On Thursday and Friday, we had music class, and everyone enjoyed using new instruments and dancing to the song.

Overall, we had a great week, and we’re excited for a great year!

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