Thursday, January 10, 2019

Grade 1 - Tower Challenge

Welcome back! It's nice to see everyone in class again, including our new friends! 

This week in math, we made our own clocks and learned about time to the hour. We've been practicing with our classmates, and have been thinking about our daily schedules, like what time we wake up, go to school, eat our meals, and go to bed. 

We began our new Unit of Inquiry: How We Express Ourselves. In this unit, we will be thinking about how feelings are communicated in different ways. We have already been thinking about how we can be communicators during our Tuesday morning meetings. In class, we started with a 7 minute Tower Challenge. Each group had 10 sheets of paper to build the tallest tower they could possibly build - without talking! 

This was a very challenging task for us, because we could not communicate verbally to share our ideas. However, we reflected on the challenge and realized we still communicated with each other through gestures, hand motions, and facial expressions. 

We then tried the Tower Challenge - this time with verbal communication. It still wasn't an easy task though! 

After the second time, we reflected and realized that at times, it was just as frustrating, even if we could speak and share our thoughts. We also noticed that we still used other forms of communication, such as gestures and facial expressions, in addition to communicating verbally. We'll continue to think about different ways we communicate to each other. 

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