Thursday, January 10, 2019

FLL Robotics Tournament Photos and Results

Before the winter break, the SIS robotics team, Space Heroes, attended the First Lego League Tournament at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Meguro.  They competed against 86 other teams in the Tokyo area with members ranging in age from 9-16 years old!  It was an awesome experience for all the teams as they came together to both compete and share their learning and experiences with each other and the judges.  In addition to three rounds of the robot game where the students programming and engineering abilities were put to the test against the missions on the game board, they also had three different presentations to give to the judges.  

1. Robot Design - The team explained how they designed and engineered the structure of the robot, as well as the strategy they took in programming the missions.

2. Core Values - The team explained how they exhibited the FLL core values of Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun during their experience.

3. Project - The team explained about how they arrived at a solution for a real life problem with going to space for a long duration.  Our team decided that providing a stronger artificial smell to the food that the astronauts eat would make the food taste better and allow the astronauts to feel a little closer to home with the smells they would experience in their own kitchen.  

Take a look at some photos from the tournament and find out the results of our team at the bottom of the post!


And the results out of 86 teams were...

Total:  53th place

Robot Mission game: 79th place
Core Values presentation: 29th
Project presentation:  23rd
Robot Design presentation:  64th

Overall, our team did a great job!  It was unfortunate that some of the robot game missions that the team had been successful with during practices failed during the official matches, but it was a fantastic learning experience and everyone is excited to keep working hard into the future!

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