Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grade 1 Week 10 Term 2 How the World Works

Grade 1 has been working on panels for their planetarium. We made a hexagonal design. 

We rolled newspaper to make triangles. Then we traced the triangles on cardboard. 

The children collaboratively cut out the triangles.

During our Open House, Grade 1 students learned about the Commutative Property of Addition. It states that A plus B equals B plus A. We tried to figure out a combination with 4 numbers to open a lock. No numbers could be the same and the numbers had to equal to 10. 

The children learned about fractions using a cookie jar.

We, then, compared fractions using the lesser or greater than sign. 

Here is one of our cookie jars.

We have been open-minded and expanding our vocabulary. We learned the word "during."

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