Thursday, March 1, 2018

Grade 5/6 Week 8 How the world works

This week, we have discussed about what makes a good poster. We listed the important features of an effective presentation through the poster such as choosing the right color combination, organization of texts and pictures, neatness and accurate information. We completed our first posters about wood and plastic and started metal and glass. Posters give information about what the material is composed of, what processes are required to make it useful for the society and our responsibility about how to use these materials in order not to damage the environment so much. As a part of inquiry, we also started to prepare our info graphics about the consumption of plastic and wood all around the world.

In Grade 6 math class, we selected appropriate written, mental and calculator to solve multiplication and division problems.  In Grade 5 math class, we divided a three digit number by a one digit number with or without remainders. We also used inverse operations of division problems to check answers.

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