Thursday, February 6, 2020

PRE-K senses (SMELL)

We continued to explore and experiment 
with variety of activities using our senses.
And this week's focus was 'SMELLING'

We did a fun activity where student's smelt
5 different cups (with drops of fragrance oils) and 
tried to guess what it smells like.

1. Grapefruit
2. Lemongrass
3. Rose
4. Vanilla
5. Peppermint

they guessed...

We had a Collaborative Developmental Play time with Preschool today,
and had the opportunity to go into each others classrooms 
to explore different toys and resources.
Our Pre-K students did so well at looking after the little ones,
and learnt how to take care and respect by sharing and taking turns.
As well as the preschoolers who came over, had a blast and played so nicely!

Our Pre-K students enjoyed listening to different songs played on the piano,
and guessing what song it is in Music Class.

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