Thursday, February 13, 2020

Grade 6 Week Beginning 02/10

This week Students worked very hard during their ISAs and we will receive the results soon.

We also had some very special visitors to Grade 6 this week. kindergarten cam to collect data about our favorite land, air and water animals.

Some students decided to make a chocolate sweet to celebrate St. Valentines day. Wonderful Agency from those that planned the activity and I am sure everyone enjoyed their sweet at the end. 

Elsewhere, we began our new unit, How the World Works. We shall be carrying out an inquiry into Space Exploration and Robotics over the next number of weeks.  We started this week by tuning into the scale of the Solar System and the entire Universe a a whole. Grade 6 mapped out their own scale model of the Solar System, and how far away from the Sun each Planet's orbit is.

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